Unit1 Mill Parade Newport Gwent NP20 2JR

Fast Fleet Repairs in Newport, Gwent

Look no further for direct solutions for damaged vehicles. Our repair specialists are based in Newport, Gwent, and provide incredibly fast fleet repairs for companies and commercial clients.

Fleet Repairs

Look no further for a reliable company to take care of your fleet. We cover company vehicles, including cars, vans and lorries. This means we complete repairs from start to finish at a highly responsive speed.

With our local company, you can rest assured your vehicles will be given the attention they deserve and not cast to the side like at larger companies. We provide a personal service, and talk you through the entire process to keep you involved.


Not only do our technicians work on all manner of cars, but we handle motorcycle repairs as well. Again, we directly deal with your insurance company, when carrying out repairs. 

• Repair of fairings and panels
• Colour changes

• Welding repairs
• Mudguard repairs

• Wheel repairs
• Re-sprays

Contact Laurence Bailey Body Repairs for fast fleet repairs that keep your company’s cars in ideal condition.